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What is the Best Spray Gun? DeVilbiss Versus Anest Iwata

Author – Andy Potts April 27th 2020 (reading time 3mins) What is the Best Spray Gun? DeVilbiss Versus Anest Iwata. Sign Up for New Updates as we release them. Sign Up   What is the Best Spray Gun? DeVilbiss Versus Anest Iwata  DeVilbiss has a formidable reputation within the finishing industry. It’s known for its […]

Electrostatic Painting Demo and how it works

Check out below images and videos of a recent electrostatic painting demo. The image shows the rear of the products after a single coat on the other side, and the circled item was painted without the electrostatic system turned on. The results highlight how good an electrostatic painting system is at covering the product with […]

The Quickest Way To Spray Disinfectant in Large Areas.

By Braden Smith – Apr 7th 2020 – Spray Disinfectant Sign Up for New Updates as we release them. Sign Up The QT190 was originally designed as a small airless spray pump for decorating contractors and general decorators, however cleaning and infection control professionals needed a quick and easy way for the distribution of large […]

How To Choose The Correct Spray Gun For Your Needs.

With so many different variables to consider when purchasing a spray gun for your project, it can often be difficult to know where to start.  You’ll find a huge range of different spray guns available, whether they be airless, gravity-fed, suction, or pressure fed, but you’ll need to choose the one to best suit your […]

Aquimax 1 Video

Watch our Aquimax 1 paint being applied using a Wagner electrostatic paint system.

Case Study – Select Plant Hire

One of the UK’s largest suppliers of heavy equipment and services to the construction industry, Select Plant Hire approached us with their ongoing paint headache.

Choosing the Best Paint Sprayer System

Are you struggling to choose the right spray system for your job?

Read our latest blog which details key spray systems, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Selecting the right spray tip for the job

View Ultrimax Spray Tips 

How To Choose The Right Spray Gun

The selection of a spray gun is a very important decision to make, so here’s a simple guide to help make your choice easier. Fluid Tip Sizes In general, the thicker the viscosity of the paint, the larger the fluid tip size needs to be. The lower end of the scale is for thinner materials […]

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