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Water-based Paints – Advantages and Disadvantages

In a world that needs to reduce its environmental impact and adopt sustainable manufacturing practices, water-based paints are becoming the new standard. They’re less hazardous than solvent-based coatings and offer several other benefits too. Historically, solvent-based products have out-performed water-based, but technology has moved on, and there are plenty of high-performing alternatives on the market. […]

Water Treatments For Your Water Wash Spray Booth

Water Treatments For Your Water Wash Spray Booth . Author – Andy Potts Original 18th June 2018. Edited June 30th 2020 (reading time 1m 30sec mins) A Water Wash Spray Booth System with Water Flowing Water wash spray booths are amazing bits of kit for the painter spraying at full capacity. They can effectively handle a large […]

Reducing VOC Emissions in Manufacturing

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are compounds of carbon that evaporate into the air.  These are harmful to health and the environment, therefore VOCs have been and continue to be heavily regulated, especially in industrial painting applications.

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