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Why is face fit testing so important?

  12,000 people die each year from lung disease linked to their past exposures at work.  18,000 more report work-related breathing or lung problems.  RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) isn’t your only solution.  Spray booth extraction and filtration systems take priority and provide the main line of defence, but if you have RPE that fits you, you […]

What respirator should I choose?

The regulations that apply to Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) are complicated.  Here at Ultrimax, our ‘Total Paint Shop Support’ is about making your lives easier.  The following guide simplifies the pros & cons, the rules & regs and the other technical aspects of RPE. For all your RPE requirements, please take a look at our […]

Why order online?

How B2B companies do business is changing.  There has been a noticeable trend emerge with buyers turning to online ordering – a quick, convenient, 24/7 way to place orders without the hassle of having to call or email suppliers.  Eliminate errors from miscommunication on the phone and/or via email due to bad phone connections, or […]

Water Treatment For Your Water Wash Spray Booth

What happens if you don’t treat the water in the spray booth? If your water is left untreated, paint sludge from your paint booth system creates a contaminated and unhygienic problem, which can: Create safety hazards Increase system corrosion Disrupt air balance Increase foaming tendency Disrupt sludge handling and removal Clog pipes and pumps Increase […]

How to store flammable paint in a safe and compliant manner

Flammable paints are volatile substances that give off enough flammable vapours to ignite in the presents of an ignition source at temperatures below 60 °C. If flammable liquids are not managed in a safe and compliant manner, they can be a threat to the workplace. Some of the negative implications that can result from the […]

A health and safety guide to painting with isocyanates

Painting and spraying with isocyanate paints can cause risks to health and is the primary cause of occupational asthma in the UK. Workers most at risk tend to be vehicle paint sprayers working in bodyshops or in the commercial vehicle and trailer manufacturing industries. These workers are 90 times more likely to contract occupational asthma […]

How to choose the best metal cladding paint for a project

Steel cladding is seeing an upswing as constructors choose this method of construction for speed, simplicity and flexibility. When it comes to choosing the paint for your new building you need to look below the topcoat and at the nature of your building, it’s location and it’s surroundings. The best metal cladding paint for your […]

Fire retardant paint for steel: how to pick the correct product

Fire retardant paints or Intumescent coatings, are often used in large-scale projects, in industrial settings, public spaces, brand-new large facilities, new build houses or in enclosed spaces with an increased risk of fire. They are also often a requirement in places which are often exposed to extreme heat, or in places where there are regular […]

Choosing the right wood coating for furniture

There are a number of different paint systems on the market for painting or lacquering wooden furniture and each have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Whether you are painting kitchen furniture, bathroom fittings, tables, chairs or display equipment, there are products that will help you get the best finish you need.

To aid you in choosing the correct coating, we have explained some of the differences below.

How to pick the correct floor coatings for a project

Whether you’re building a new facility or renovating an existing one, it is important to ensure that the flooring will withstand the daily demands of your industry. That means you will need to determine the type of floor coating best suited to keep up with your facility operations. Yet with so many options available it […]

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