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Paint Colour Matching with Aerosols

The Best Paint Colour Matching System for Paint Shop Touch-Ups If you’re a paint shop foreman, manager or production manager, discovering damage on a client’s finished product is probably one of your biggest headaches. It costs your business time and money, and it can ruin your brand’s reputation. But accidental marks and scratches from improper […]

6 Reasons Why Shaun the Sheep Is the Best Paint Roller in Town

6 Reasons Why Shaun the Sheep Produces the Best Lambswool Paint Roller in Town   OK, so Shaun himself probably isn’t going to be much use on your next paint job, but his warm-blooded woolly cousins can help you out. Yes, we’re talking about lambswool paint roller sleeves, also known as lambskin rollers. They don’t […]

The Gorilla is back – fancy a Dairy Milk ?

The Gorilla is back – fancy a Dairy Milk ?     The Gorilla is Back!   Yes he’s back Ultrimax are bringing him out of retirement – the famous ape from Cadbury Dairy Milk fame and the Phil Collins classic ‘Can you here me coming in the air tonight’ . We’re not going weird […]

How Often Should You Change Spray Booth Filters?

How Often Should You Change Spray Booth Filters?   At Ultrimax, customers often ask our Total Paint Shop Support Team how frequently they should change their spray booth filters. But the answer isn’t simple. Different types of booths require different types of filter, each with a specific lifespan. So, the first question to ask yourself […]

Complete Guide To Your Online Portal

You may have heard of our online portal and the benefits it can provide as a first-class account management system.   With new features to make ordering even easier, it’s definitely worth a try.  Check out this video guide which explains how it works >

Why is PPE and Safety Equipment Important in the Spray Shop?

Are you confused about your responsibilities when it comes to spray shop PPE? This guidance explains the common exposure risks in the spray shop environment and the role that personal protective and safety equipment plays in controlling risk.

Why is face fit testing so important?

  12,000 people die each year from lung disease linked to their past exposures at work.  18,000 more report work-related breathing or lung problems.  RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) isn’t your only solution.  Spray booth extraction and filtration systems take priority and provide the main line of defence, but if you have RPE that fits you, you […]

What respirator should I choose?

The regulations that apply to Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) are complicated.  Here at Ultrimax, our ‘Total Paint Shop Support’ is about making your lives easier.  The following guide simplifies the pros & cons, the rules & regs and the other technical aspects of RPE. For all your RPE requirements, please take a look at our […]

Why order online?

How B2B companies do business is changing.  There has been a noticeable trend emerge with buyers turning to online ordering – a quick, convenient, 24/7 way to place orders without the hassle of having to call or email suppliers.  Eliminate errors from miscommunication on the phone and/or via email due to bad phone connections, or […]

Water Treatment For Your Water Wash Spray Booth

What happens if you don’t treat the water in the spray booth? If your water is left untreated, paint sludge from your paint booth system creates a contaminated and unhygienic problem, which can: Create safety hazards Increase system corrosion Disrupt air balance Increase foaming tendency Disrupt sludge handling and removal Clog pipes and pumps Increase […]

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