Case Study – Rolling Stock Refurbishment Specialist

As a leader in the Rail Industry, this rolling stock refurbishment specialist has developed a particular expertise in the life extension, overhaul, maintenance and refurbishment of railway rolling stock.  Located on a 22 acre site alongside the East Coat mainline, Doncaster Works has a long & proud history in the construction and maintenance of trains.


This rolling stock refurbishment specialist has worked with Ultrimax for over 12 years.  Being specialists in the paint shop, part of the support we offer is product sourcing for our customers.

They were experiencing damage to the paint work and repaired floors, during the train refurb process.  This led to massive costs in downtime due to re-work on damaged areas.  With the increase in demand for rolling stock to meet the growing needs and expectations of rail traffic, the pressure on maintenance and refurbishment specialists is intensifying.  For this refurb specialist, this meant they needed some quality floor and painted surface protection, whilst work was carried out.


Ultrimax sourced a heavy embossed, flame retardant film to overcome these issues and provide a tough protection that would withstand heavy foot traffic on the floors, and protect the paint work on the sides of the train carriages.


Without using Tuffalo temporary protection, there is 100% likelihood of damage to the vehicles.  The key attributes that Tuffalo brings for this rolling stock refurb specialist are:

  • Resilience to knocks, abrasions, tears & punctures
  • Ease of application & removal
  • Heavy embossed for greater protection
  • Anti-slip properties
  • Flame-retardant qualities – With the right protection in place, they can achieve outstanding results in record time.


“The Tuffalo heavy duty protector film is incredibly tough and can handle any requirements in the workshop.  An excellent, easy to use product – highly recommended.”


Tuffalo Heavy Duty Protector Film

Tuffalo Medium Duty Protector Film

Tuffalo Hard Surface Protection Film

Tuffalo Black/White Low Tack Tape

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