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As you probably have notices, we have made quite a few videos recently, covering topics from how to solve solvent popping in the paint, to an “about us” video explaining what we do for a living. All these have been produced to an extremely high quality and we couldn’t have done these without the help of Business Film Booth (BFB). The deal was that we would provide the technical information in the scripts, and do the presenting, and BFB would add their little bit of magic to create an awe inspiring experience for the person watching.

How We Created the Videos

As with most large projects, it started off quite small. This collaboration came about when we were recommended to use BFB for video production. We had been thinking about starting to produce some videos and we decided that this was the perfect time to start. After the initial call with Ed, we then started to plan our scripts and what we wanted to talk about. Then after writing the scripts, Ed helped us adapt the technical content into a more video friendly script allowing us to not only say the right things but in an engaging manner so that the viewer will watch right until the end. Then after the scripts were complete, BFB came to our office for a day to film and produce the videos. After calming the initial nerves we got down to business and started filming. The videos speak for themselves!

Watch some of our videos below

Total Paint Shop Support

Solvent Popping – Training Video

Jotamastic 90 – Product Video

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