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New Total Paint Shop Support Catalogue … Now Available

      Laser Focused Total Paint Shop Support Products  Ultrimax is pleased to announce the launch of the new paint shop support catalogue after many months of candle burning work! Order a paper copy delivered to your address here: The new catalogue is larger than the last outing with 10% more products available bumping […]

A New Decade and Ultrimax has Ambitious Plans to Provide Paint Shop Support in the UK

With significant investment already made Ultrimax are well placed to provide a Total Paint Shop Support in 2020.      A busy start for the Ultrimax Coatings team, after a strategy meeting to kick of 2020.   Ultrimax Strategy Event on the 2nd January 2020   It wasn’t all about lifting a Paint Shop Roller […]

Colour Matching with Aerosol Spray Paint

 Aerosol spray paint and Colour matching . Author – Andy Potts Original 21st January 2020, Edited  23rd June 2020 (reading time 3 mins)   The Best Paint Colour Matching System for Paint Shop Touch-Ups If you’re a paint shop foreman, manager or production manager, discovering damage on a client’s finished product is probably one of your biggest […]

Painters Nitrile Gloves How to Choose the Right Pair – Black, Blue & White

Black Nitrile Gloves or Blue / White by Andy Potts  1st May 2020. 4-5 mins reading time. How to Choose the Right Painters Gloves   If you’re a professional sprayer, paint shop technician or decorator, you know it’s essential to wear the right disposable gloves for every job. But different tasks call for different levels […]

6 Reasons Why Shaun the Sheep Is the Best Paint Roller in Town

6 Reasons Why Shaun the Sheep Produces the Best Lambswool Paint Roller in Town   OK, so Shaun himself probably isn’t going to be much use on your next paint job, but his warm-blooded woolly cousins can help you out. Yes, we’re talking about lambswool paint roller sleeves, also known as lambskin rollers. They don’t […]

The Gorilla is back – fancy a Dairy Milk ?

The Gorilla is back – fancy a Dairy Milk ?     The Gorilla is Back!   Yes he’s back Ultrimax are bringing him out of retirement – the famous ape from Cadbury Dairy Milk fame and the Phil Collins classic ‘Can you here me coming in the air tonight’ . We’re not going weird […]

How Often Should You Change Spray Booth Filters?

How Often Should You Change Spray Booth Filters?   At Ultrimax, customers often ask our Total Paint Shop Support Team how frequently they should change their spray booth filters. But the answer isn’t simple. Different types of booths require different types of filter, each with a specific lifespan. So, the first question to ask yourself […]

Ultrimax Bring in the New Year with 2020 Strategy Meeting & Song to increase the Total Paint Shop Support Model!

Total Paint Shop Support starts with Bacon & a Brainstorm… It’s the 2nd of Jan and the refreshed Ultrimax Coatings staff have returned to the office. At Ultrimax we always kick start the year with a strategy day between all staff to contemplate how we will increase our Total Paint Shop Support model and to […]

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