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Why is face fit testing so important?

  12,000 people die each year from lung disease linked to their past exposures at work.  18,000 more report work-related breathing or lung problems.  RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) isn’t your only solution.  Spray booth extraction and filtration systems take priority and provide the main line of defence, but if you have RPE that fits you, you […]

What Respirator Mask should I choose? FFP3 Dust Mask or Full Face Respirator Mask?

Why Do I Need A Mask? Don’t forget to Sign Up for New Updates as we release them. Sign Up A respirator mask is still crucial even with ever improving standards in the paint industry. Regulations are reducing VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and dangerous paint mix substances such as lead, however a mask protects you […]

Why order online?

How B2B companies do business is changing.  There has been a noticeable trend emerge with buyers turning to online ordering – a quick, convenient, 24/7 way to place orders without the hassle of having to call or email suppliers.  Eliminate errors from miscommunication on the phone and/or via email due to bad phone connections, or […]

The Growing Ultrimax Team

We are delighted to welcome Yarl Thomas to the Ultrimax team!

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