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Fire Retardant/Intumescent Paint Coatings: How to Pick the Correct Product.

Intumescent coatings or fire retardant paints are often used in large-scale projects, in industrial settings, public spaces, brand-new large facilities, new build houses or in enclosed spaces with an increased risk of fire. They are also often a requirement in places which are often exposed to extreme heat, or in places where there are regular […]

Now LAUNCHED: The Big Book Of Paint Shop Supplies

This is our first ever A5 product catalogue that includes our full range of paints & wood coatings, as well as all the consumables & spray equipment that we offer. Ultrimax is the only supplier that will provide everything you need for your paint shop – and now fully accessible in one handy catalogue. Sign up today to […]

Case Study – Rolling Stock Refurbishment Specialist

As a leader in the Rail Industry, this rolling stock refurbishment specialist has developed a particular expertise in the life extension, overhaul, maintenance and refurbishment of railway rolling stock.  Located on a 22 acre site alongside the East Coat mainline, Doncaster Works has a long & proud history in the construction and maintenance of trains. […]

Choosing the right wood coating for furniture

There are a number of different paint systems on the market for painting or lacquering wooden furniture and each have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Whether you are painting kitchen furniture, bathroom fittings, tables, chairs or display equipment, there are products that will help you get the best finish you need.

To aid you in choosing the correct coating, we have explained some of the differences below.

How to pick the correct floor paint for a project

Whether you’re building a new facility or renovating an existing one, it is important to ensure that the flooring will withstand the daily demands of your industry. That means you will need to determine the type of floor paint best suited to keep up with your facility operations. Yet with so many options available it […]

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