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Product Training for the Ultrimax Team

Ultrimax believe in providing skill development & product training for their employees – enabling them to provide valuable advice & recommendations on the best paint application process for their clients. Our most recent training session was delivered by Jotun, and covered details on paint manufacturing, surface preparation techniques and varying application methods. Thanks to Garry […]

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The Benefits Of Total Paint Shop Support

Working with Ultrimax Coatings means you’re always a step ahead. Our total paint shop support service lets you keep on top of all of your industrial paint, coatings and consumable supplies in a way that we think is way ahead of the competition. With Ultrimax Coatings you’re guaranteed high quality products – whether that’s coatings that […]

The benefits of stock management systems

If your business needs to hold stock on-site for its operational needs then it is vital to have a robust stock management system in place. If you haven’t already then you should think about implementing one as soon as possible to increase your overall efficiency and performance. Once you have a stock management system in […]

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