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Wet Paint vs. Powder Coating

Wet Paint Wet Paint is the process of applying a liquid paint to a metal product for protection.    A process called Plating is when metal is deposited on a conductive surface.  This can be used for many purposes such as corrosion inhibition, decoration, to reduce friction, improve wearability, harden or to improve paint adhesion.  When […]

How To Choose The Correct Industrial Floor Paint

Choosing which industrial floor coating to use is an extremely important decision.  Here is a simple guide to assist you with your choice, and make sure your floor coating is best suited to you. What are the best choices of Industrial Floor paint? There are many types of Industrial floor coatings available, but Polyurethane and […]

The rise of Coronavirus – Are you protecting yourself with the correct FFP3 Respirator mask?

Choosing a paint spray respirator – where do you start?

How To Paint Shipping Containers

If you have just bought a container or have one, and it needs painting, where do you start?  This guide will look into why you might want to paint a container and how to go about painting it. Why paint a container? By painting your container, you are putting one more layer between the steel […]

How To Choose The Right Spray Gun

The selection of a spray gun is a very important decision to make, so here’s a simple guide to help make your choice easier. Fluid Tip Sizes In general, the thicker the viscosity of the paint, the larger the fluid tip size needs to be. The lower end of the scale is for thinner materials […]

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