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‘One Squirt : Multiple Solutions’

Aerosol promo Till end Feb’ promotion

The ‘Power of color’ continues

The ‘POWER OF COLOR’ As mentioned in earlier posts, it can become the ‘backbone’ of your corporate brand, be it the external cladding on your premises, security fencing, hand railing, warehouse floor, it gets noticed, recognized and shared. Let us know your color – we’ll support you to be the forerunner in your industry.Meaning of […]

Paint Cracking Troubleshooting

    Description and Identification: Paint cracking is when the paint coating splits and crack throughout the paint film thickness. As the image above shows, paint cracking is a series of straight lines in the mainly the topcoat. Often the primer or substrate is visible through the coating. If this is the case then it […]

Everything FRESH at Ultrimax – fresh blood in the team,fresh idea’s, fresh sales approach,

Fresher the better! Our R&D team constantly strive to be up to date, bringing you the very latest, in spray booth extraction technologies, improved paint application systems, advanced compliant coatings.    

The ‘Power of color’ what does it mean to you?

Manchester Blue or Red in Ultrimax 1? If you follow football, head to Manchester – it divides the City! One of our clients – Tower Crane company, had an order for a crane to be installed at the Ethiad Stadium to carry out a refurb project. Some of the lifting gear was in original paint […]

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