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Ultrimax Water Wash Spray Booths - 2000mm

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Product Description

dry filter spray booths for sale

Water Wash Spray Booths

Water wash spray booths, also known as water curtain spray booths or a water paint booth, are a type of spraying equipment that uses water to capture and remove paint overspray. By utilising water to capture particulate, water wash spray booths help create a clean and safe working environment, during high-production paint finishing jobs.

Water wash spray booths require proper use, and demand correct maintenance, but if this is ensured, a water spray booth is a highly effective air contaminant remover, and a highly efficient piece of air filtration equipment.

At Ultrimax, we bespoke design world-class water wash spray booths for every application. So, let’s unpack water wash spray booths here, their application, and how to make sure they benefit your business.

What are water wash spray booths and what are they used for?

Water wash spray booths are typically used in industrial painting applications where large quantities of paint need to be applied quickly and efficiently. They are also an excellent choice for facilities that have stringent environmental regulations, as they help to control emissions and keep the workspace clean.

Here’s how they work.

A water wash booth is a water curtain that you spray into. Paint particulate is absorbed by the water as it’s sprayed and pulled down into a water tank set below. Another set of jet nozzles behind the primary water curtain, act as a secondary area for the capturing of excess paint spray.

If you are interested in purchasing a water wash spray booth for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind.


The right model for the job

Firstly, you will need to choose the right size and model for your specific needs. It is also important to consider the type of paint you will be using, as this will impact the booth’s design and performance.


The right supplier for the job

Make sure to select a reputable supplier who can provide you with high-quality equipment and service.

Ultrimax is here to give you support. We’re poised to give you detailed, clear and expert advice on water wash spray booths, and how to choose the right unit before you buy.


The maintenance plan

The water paint booth, as mentioned, uses water to capture particulate – a by-product of paint spraying that can be detrimental to human health. When organic features are used in spray booths, though – and especially where moisture is concerned – careful and continuous maintenance must be undergone at all times, to prevent the further breeding of fungi and bacteria when particles and stagnant water mix.

It's imperative, then, that if you’re interested in the type of filtration water wash spray booths can give you and your business, you have a stringent maintenance plan in place.

And as mentioned, Ultrimax is here to provide expert advice – and that includes assisting you with a comprehensive maintenance plan for your wet spray booth.

For more on water wash spray booths, their upkeep, advantages and disadvantages, click here.


Where to buy Water Wash Spray Booths

You’ve come to the right place.

We custom-build water wash spray booths to suit any project, and any budget. We can offer complete fit out packages, with water wash spray booths designed to meet all health and safety ordinances and with detailed maintenance plans included, to ensure yours lasts a lifetime. We can quote for supply only or supply and install.

Call 01302 856666 or email sales@ultrimaxcoatings.co.uk


Frequently asked questions

What industries typically use water wash spray booths?

Water wash spray booths are typically used by product manufacturers that, specific to their industry, work in a number of spray-painting environments. These are industries that have a particular need for equipment that removes paint particulate from a work area.


How often do you need to clean a water wash spray booth?

In addition to an annual 14-month service, stipulated by LEV testing requirements, a water wash spray booth ideally needs to undergo a daily clean and check.

The daily check procedure is broken down as follows:

  • After use, check the unit filter using the manometer on the side panel
  • Give the spray area a thorough clean
  • Check the water level and adjust if too low


How can a water wash spray booth improve the quality of your work?

A water wash booth uses recirculating water instead of filters, to remove paint particulate from the air. The benefit to the quality of work a water wash spray booth can bring, is two-fold: it’ll improve working conditions overall, and because no filters need to be replaced, money is saved, and productivity is increased.


What are the advantages of using a water wash spray booth?

There are a number of advantages when it comes to using water wash spray booths:

  • No filters to replace means less production interruptions, and reduced cost
  • Some particulates, fumes or VOCs are flammable and can ignite – a water wash booth removes that risk
  • Overall working condition improves drastically when water is involved, as opposed to filters – water captures and neutralises more paint particulate, in general


How do you get rid of the waste product the water wash booth creates?

There are a number of ways to clear the waste by product that spraying with a water wash booth creates.

  • Clear the waste yourself by hand spading it into waste bags and disposing of it in waste (not a harmful by product)
  • Some people prefer to employ a professional company who can use a lorry with suction pump attachment to clean away the waste allowing you clean down with clean water.
  • Always ensure which ever way you remove waste that you keep the Ph level at a neutral number and also treat the spray booth with denaturants to ward of legionnaires and other bacteria that can be harmful to humans.

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