• Ultrimax 3 Tier Dry Filter Spray Booths - 3000mm

Ultrimax 3 Tier BDA Dry Filter Spray Booths - 3000mm

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dry filter spray booths for sale

Dry Filter Spray Booths - 3 Tier BDA

Dry filter spray booths are a type of spray booth that uses dry filters to capture overspray, by separating paint particulate matter from the perpetual air stream that moves through the booth’s exhaust system. These booths are typically used in industrial and manufacturing settings where there is a need to control air pollution, and by doing so, ensure healthy working conditions, and the compliance with health codes where fumes and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) are used in confined spaces.

At Ultrimax, our dry filter spray booths are built tough, and are designed to not only meet, but exceed, health and safety ordinances, where directives demand the safe control and expulsion of harmful overspray and VOCs, as regular by-product.


What are dry filter spray booths and what are they used for?

Dry filter spray booths are a type of enclosed space that is typically used for painting or finishing operations. These booths work by drawing in contaminated air and then filtering it before it is exhausted back out into the atmosphere. Dry filter spray booths can be used for both dry and wet painting applications, and they are often equipped with special ventilation systems that help to control fumes and overspray.

There are many different types of dry filter spray booth available on the market, and they come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of different businesses. When choosing a dry filter spray booth, it is important to consider the specific requirements of your business, as well as the type of finish you want to achieve. One of the central advantages to dry filter spray booths though, is that they’re highly versatile when it comes to finish quality – they are equally effective with both water-based and solvent-based finishes.

The 3 Tier dry filter spray booth in particular provides extra height capacity for sprayers dealing with larger items than a standard dry filter booth. The 3 tier height provides at least 1 further tier for additional andreae concertina spray booth filter to be fitted further enhancing spray finish quality and particulate capture.

Choosing a dry spray booth

If you are looking for a dry filter spray booth for your business, these are the vital features you should be factoring in, depending on the type and size of your project.

Size and location

The first is the size of the booth, which will be determined by the amount of space you have available, not to mention the amount of clearance available in the specified area for the airflow apparatus that comes with the booth.


The second is the type of ventilation system that you require, as this will help to control fumes and overspray. Remember, the bigger the booth, the more complicated and vital the ventilation system will need to be – a bigger booth requires more air to be filtered, and exhausted.

The paint

Finally, think about the type of paint or finish.

Solvent-based paint

Solvent-based paints are more compliant and so their application is generally better within enclosures.

Water-based paints

Water-based paints don't need enclosures for application purposes. When using water-based paints then, dry filter booths are the better option to reduce VOCs in the business.

Where to buy dry filter spray booths

Look no further than Ultrimax.

We offer a full range of spray booth options to suit your budget. We can offer complete fit out packages, with dry filter spray booths designed to meet all health and safety ordinances and built to suit your project and business needs. We can quote for supply only or supply and install.

Call 01302 856666 or email sales@ultrimaxcoatings.co.uk. Get help within 59 mins by clicking here.



Frequently asked questions


What are the dry filter spray booth standard features?

Here are the key benefits and features of a dry filter booth:

  • Low-cost filters
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Top or rear-mounted fans
  • Reduced need for extra cleaning caused by overspray
  • Meets all health and safety code compliances


How often should you change dry filter spray booth filters?

Every two to four weeks.


What is the difference between dry filter spray booths and water wash booths?

Dry filter spray booths use layered filters to capture paint particulates, effectively separating them from the air moving through the exhaust system of the booth.

Water wash booths perform the same task but use a water curtain to trap overspray, separating it from the moving air. This paint particulate is then dropped into a collection tank.

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