Case Study 1 - Ardagh Glass Spray Booth

Case Study - Ardagh Glass

Leading Glass Supplier Ardagh - Required a Bespoke Spray Booth and Sound Level Solution

  • Company Ardagh Glass is a large glass and bottle producer for companies around the world.
  • Challenge Produce a HSE and Building Regulations compliant spray booth to paint tooling components,situated in the middle of a busy workspace.
  • Solution Design a highly visible white ISO clad spray booth with lower decible fan
  • Installation 2 metre wide, 2 tier extraction chamber ensures all fumes extract successfully to atmosphere through the roof
  • Performance Lower decible fan system developed to keep spray booth with safe working practises


Case Study Explainer Ardagh Glass

How We Rejuvenated The Ardagh Finishing Process

Ardagh Glass are a world renowned glass producer with contracts ranging from Heineken Beer to Absolut Vodka across 16 countries.


Ardagh approached Ultrimax with a very specific facility challenge. The investment in their Yorkshire facility had already occurred and this heavy machinery couldn't be moved, therefore to improve spray finishing Ultrimax would need to design a highly visible spray booth, quiet and highly efficient extractor of fumes that could be located in the middle of a busy workshop floor.


To solve the challenge Ultrimax delivered an AutoCad tested design that incorporated an ‘open front’ meaning no restrictions for handling equipment moving tolling in & out.

A semi-enclosure keeps the spraying confined and although the coating used isn’t hazardous a built in 3ph fan and 2m wide / 2 tier extraction chamber removes any fumes to atmosphere via roof ducting. This leaves Ardagh workers on the shop floor oblivious to what is actually taking place from within the Ultrimax spray booth. A built in silencer ensures the decimal level is well within all safe working parameters.

Finally the white on white ‘iso clad’ walls on the booth help it to cosmetically look the part in any production workspace while being highly visible to other workers.

Ardagh Main imagery file

Ardagh Glass - ISO Clad Spray Booth with Silencer

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