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Natural and Organic Antibacterial Hand Wipes (48 in a pack)

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Natural and Organic Antibacterial Hand Wipes (48 in a pack)

Natural & Organic wet hand wipe for cleaning hands and all work surfaces.

  • Fully Anti-Bacterial Formula
  • Combats Coronavirus - COVID-19
  • Combats Swine Flu
  • Combats Bird Flu
  • Protect against pathogens and bacteria
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Natural Plantain Extract
  • With Vitamin E
  • No Alcohol
  • Resealable packet


Antibacterial Hand Wipe Composition

Material Non-woven spunlies fabric on the basis of natural (viscose) and synthetic (polyester) fibers with high absorbing properties
Solution specialized antibacterial composition for universal application with vitamin complex and natural extracts of plantain leaves
Size 150*180 mm


Each Hand Wipes Pack

Each pack of wipes contains 48 easy to use wipes.  The packaging is made from recyclable Polyethylene, matt colored packaging with modern design.


Big Wipes with a Big Story

Due to the natural extract content, the leaves of plantain napkins provide bactericidal action and heal scratches and wounds, they are still however very soft to hands do not irritate even sensitive skin.

These antibacterial hand wipes can be applied daily to adult or childrens skin and make an ideal baby wipe.

No alcohol content and manufactured with a neutral pH balance making this hand wipes better for skin and the environment. Even with regular application of these napkins, the skin remains healthy and and full of moisture. The disinfecting properties ensure that any pathogenic bacteria on any surface will be instantly neutralised.


Battle Pathogens, Viral infections and Bacteria

A huge value of these hand wipes is the antibacterial effect. They can be used to prevent the spread of swine and bird flu during relevant epidemics, reducing the number of patients. No less effective is preventing these napkins from spreading intestinal infections, hepatitis and tuberculosis: being in public transport or other places of mass concentration of people, it is worth using them to protect your health and your colleagues health.

These touch-friendly and practical napkins will be useful for walking, traveling and relaxing. Suitable for daily use.


Antibacterial Stay Clean Advice

Read our article providing 12 tips to keep your work place clean from bacteria.


Provided as part of the Ultrimax Cleaning Station

This product is also provided as part of the all new Ultrimax product to combat the effects of the Coronavirus, The Ultrimax Cleaning Station.

x1 Pack of Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes is included with the Cleaning Station pre-loaded pack. Get more information here.

Rating:starstarstarstar (1 reviews)

Mon 28th Sep 2020
Great wipes and a small enough packet

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