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Colormax Aerosol - Ultrimax 1 - Glossy Primer & Topcoat - BS. 00A01 - 400ml

Product Ref: AEP101-00A01

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Current colour: Ash grey / Oyster grey / Portland (BS. 00A01)

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Product Description


Colormax Aerosol - Ultrimax 1 Primer & Topcoat


400ml cans - Minimum order for colours 6 cans.

As an industrial metal paint, Ultrimax 1 is a high build acrylic-based primer and topcoat in one. It's an incredibly versatile multi-purpose product that is suitable for a range of surfaces. It can be applied easily – saving you both time and effort. And because it dries quickly, it won’t be long before you’re admiring the glossy finish!

Its quick drying time makes it convenient to use all year-round, as you needn't worry too much about weather conditions while your topcoat is still vulnerable. However, the substrate's temperature should be 5°C at an absolute minimum before and during application, though a range between 15 and 20°C is preferable. Drying times are, on average, 20 minutes for a surface dry, four hours before handling, and just two and a half hours before you can apply an extra coat. There's no waiting around for days while doing renovations and business can get going as usual in no time at all.

Even more conveniently, Colormax Aerosol - Ultrimax 1 can be applied directly to metal surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for a glossy finish on metalwork such as plant and machinery, gates and railings, steel fabrications and architectural applications.
  • No primer needed.
  • Contains zinc phosphate anti-corrosive properties



Durability is another key feature that makes Colormax Aerosol - Ultrimax 1 so effective for use outdoors as well as indoors. The final finish boasts resistance to water, abrasions, solvents, and chemicals. Able to withstand tough weather conditions, it's ideal for external fences, but equally effective around machinery in factories and workplaces that handle hazardous materials.

Surfaces it's applied to will retain that superbly glossy shine for longer, giving structures a clean, new look. As a high solids product, finishes will have a more vibrant aesthetic, as well as covering more ground with less product than many other varieties on the market. For longer life, it's important to ensure that surfaces are sufficiently prepared and cleared of dirt, grease, oil, rust, and any other potential contaminants before applying this product.

The Colormax Aerosol Ultrimax 1 is ideal for touching up any scratches prior to delivery and will match powder coated finishes very well.

Ordering information**

Minimum Order 6 aerosols (to ensure correct colour mixing)


Technical Detail



Fast, direct to metal application

Quick Drying Easy to apply

Contains zinc phosphate anti-corrosive pigments

High Solids



Easy to use primer & topcoat, suitable for a wide range of applications Including plant and machinery, gates and railings, general steel fabrications, and architectural metalwork.



Colours:Any RAL & BS and fleet

Volume Solids:55%

Flash Point:21ºC

VOC: 440g/litre


Water Resistance:Good

Gloss Retention:Good

Abrasion Resistance:Good

Solvent Resistance:Good

Chemical Resistance:Good

Flexibility: Good

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