3M DMS General Purpose Body Filler

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3M DMS General Purpose Body Filler

This premium body filler is capable of repairing imperfections such as dents in steel, galvanized steel and aluminium, as well as a finishing material over reinforced cracks in SMC and Fibreglass.

  • Easy Sanding - 3M™ Premium Body Filler is easy to sand and produces a high quality finish.
  • Prevent pinholes - Due to the sealed environment of the 3M™ Dynamic Mixing Nozzle, no air infiltrates the mixing of filler and hardener giving a high quality finish.
  • Reduce waste - By taking the applicator to the job and mixing “filler-on-demand”, you don’t lose what you don’t use.
  • Enhance productivity - There’s no scooping, mixing or cleaning up and a faster smoother finish means a final coat of filler or glaze could be eliminated.
  • Less mess. The 3M enclosed system ensures that your hands stay clean, your work area stays clean – and the vehicle stays clean.

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